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Little Scholars Play School & Montessori House, Play school, 34/1B, Kavi Bharati Sarani, Lake Road, Kolkata


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-Little Scholars Play School & Montessori House

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-Pre School
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Playhouse – 11 months onwards – Wobblers and Toddlers

For a Wobbler and Toddler, walking through our school entrance for the first time is generally also the first time when she/he is interacting with a community that is outside their family unit and home. Every day is a wonderful adventure as they explore the world in a safe and trusted environment.

At Little Scholars, beneath the veneer of colour and play there is a very serious exchange of concepts and ideas taking place.

Songs and rhymes, simple stories with actions and expressions, puppets and pictures foster language development, basic motor coordination , kinaesthetic progress, interaction and independence in our little ones. Instead of a formal classroom environment, our playhouse is a nurturing social community where your little ones experience their first social contact with other children and learn to participate as a co-operative group. A sense of independence is developed as the child remains away from the parents for a couple of hours, thus breaking free from separation anxiety.

Montessori – 2 year onwards till 6 years

Children are led to take a tour of their environment through an integrated approach involving play way method. Exploration, Investigation and Discovery is achieved through guided involvement in activities such as sand play, water play, book corner, nature study, music and movements, audio visuals etc., which leads to physical, social, mental and emotional development.

The aim of this approach is to provide them with amenities to do the everyday life activities more constructively and methodically.

The school is equipped with a matted indoor playroom stocked with Story books, Soft Toys,, Puzzles, Blocks, Play Dough and much more.

‘Listening is Knowing, Seeing is Understanding and Doing is Retaining’ thus we have a Puppet Theatre for realistic dramatization and a Projector for larger than life audio visuals.




Little Scholars KOlkata
Little Scholars KOlkata

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