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Urban Electricals, Symphony Air Cooler Dealer Distributor, 824/3/1/C, 1st Floor, Sukhdev Nagar, Kotla Mubarakpur, New Delhi


Name :

-Urban Electricals

Genre :
-Home Appliances
Product :
– We provide wide range of  products like Blue Star RO Water Purifiers, Deep Freezers, Water Coolers, Water Dispensers, Chest coolers , Ferroli Heat Pumps, Symphony Air Coolers, Voltas Water Dispensers and much more.

Complete Solution for your Purification, Cooling and Heating Needs

We are leaders in :

Geyser Water Heater Repair Service
RO Water Purifier Repair Service
Domestic RO Water Purifier Systems
Commercial RO Systems
Deep Freezers for Domestic & Commerical needs
Heat Pump Water Heater Solutions
Water Dispensers



Urban Electricals
Urban Electricals

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