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Dicofix Dry Mortars, Adhesive Mortar, Company Corporate office – 6, Cheranma Nagar Road, VRS Nagar, Cheran ma Nagar, Coimbatore


Name :

 Dicofix Dry Mortars Company


Genre :
-Building Materials

DICO FIX dry mortars are designed according to BS / EN / DIN / ASTM norms and to suit the wide range of Indian Climate condition. DICO FIX products are tested and certified from International Laboratories.

  • Machine applied plasters / renders
  • Skim coat plaster (white portland cement based putty for plastered walls)
  • Tile adhesive (thin bed)
  • Jointing compounds for gypsum plaster boards
  • Jointing compounds for cement and silicate boards
  • Adhesive mortar for EIFS
  • Non Shrink grouts
  • Innovative mortars and customized products


DICO Group of Companies
DICO Group of Companies

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